1-Day Workshop - "Introduction to Theory of Constraints"

Friday May 6th:  By Steve Jackson ...
"Introduction to Theory Of Constraints"

Theory of Constraints specialist since 1988

One of the team working with Dr. Eli Goldratt to expand TOC into "Thinking Processes" 1988 - 1994

Taught TOC to Corporations, US Military, University Professors and College Instructors (including BCIT)

In-Demand speaker (20+ presentations to APICS, ASQ, countless presentations at conferences & events)

Multiple TOC Implementations, specializing in small to mid-sized manufacturers with action-oriented managers!

In a previous life: 20+ MRP implementations, Europe and N. America

Previously owned a (small) manufacturing & distribution business, launched top-selling plastic gizmo

What I Will Be Covering for TOC

  • The 3 Fundamental Measurements that connect EVERY action, every decision to the bottom line - and reveal which "improvements" look good, feel good ... but are nothing more than mirages.

  • The 5-Step TOC Improvement process that typically generates FAST (days) and usually MASSIVE bottom line and competitive performance improvements.

  • The Scheduling and Shop Floor management approach that CONSISTENTLY generates On-Time Delivery in the 99% range while reducing inventory and lead time by (typically) 50% to 90% -- and boosts Production Output by 20% - 40% from the same resources (and if your current sales won't support this, we have a solution for that, too).

  • Why almost ANY Operational decision based on Cost Accounting data could hurt your profits -- backed by high level support from accounting professionals. We don't just claim it, we PROVE it.

  • How conventional Product pricing & "Margin" thinking is no better than a toss of the coin when it comes to identifying "winners" and "losers" -- which explains SO MANY things for so many manufacturers! --AND what DOES work to distinguish between them -- AND the strategy and tactics that connect pricing directly to your bottom line. Yes, we can point to extensive support from World Class Accounting professionals.

  • How we help generate 20% to 40% more Production out of any set of resources, without stress or resistance, by UNBALANCING lines. Yes, we realize this is counter intuitive. Yes, we can prove it.

  • How you can boost on-time delivery to the 99% level (with lead times reduced 50% to 90% and with 50% to 90% less inventory) with INITIAL RESULTS IN DAYS --  EVEN WHEN data is inaccurate, Murphy is everywhere, and there is high variability in demand, supply, and resources.

  • How to align Sales, Marketing, Production, Distribution & Supply Chain, Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, Finance to the same Global Goals and eradicate conflicts and finger-pointing between departments.

  • Why Protective Capacity can be the KEY to superb on-time performance AND increased profit (and why someone implementing Lean without understanding this might even fight to eliminate it as "Waste" - throwing the company into constant "Whack-A-Mole," jump from problem to problem, mode).

  • How a "Mafia Offer" can be constructed that positions you to win more business while charging more -- EVEN in markets where everyone believes "price" is the dominant factor and the customer grinds you down on price every year.

  • The completely counter-intuitive Sales Process that is boosting sales by 2X, 3X and 4X.

  • The TOC application that is redefining Supply Chain management.

  • How the TOC application to Project Management generates project completions that are typically 30% to 50% less than common project management practices - and generates 2X more project completions from the same resources in the same time.

  • How TOC is applied to the challenge of Strategic Planning - for the first time, to connect every action at every level of every department to the high-level strategy.

What is Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Why Should I Be Interested?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, considers just three books to be "Must Reads" for his senior managers. One of these is The Goal, by Eli Goldratt - the breakthrough book that first brought wide recognition to the Theory of Constraints.  And Time Magazine considers The Goal to be one of its 25 most influential Business Management Books. 

Let me step away from "consultant speak" for a moment.
I'm 60 years old (yet extraordinarily well preserved, if I may say so). 
As an observer and as a participant I've lived through the MRP Revolution, MRP II, BRP, ERP, Zero Inventory, Just-In-Time, Lean, "Quality is Free," Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, ... and many lesser "movements." Lean and Six Sigma today are hugely popular, of course, and with good reason. 

Even so: I'd describe TOC as without any doubt the most powerful approach to improvement I've ever encountered.  Results are typically fast, direct and often massive.  And TOC redefines the concept of Continuous Improvement.

TOC will completely change your understanding of Lean, and Six Sigma.

Making each much more powerful, more effective in less time. Connecting them much more directly  to the bottom line.  Providing an ROI where one is often missing. 

The "key" to TOC's scale and speed of results is a combination of Focus, and Leverage.

In a for-profit organization, the impact on the bottom line is often stunning.

Failure is almost unknown. Don't take my word for it: Google for "TOC failure" or similar search terms. Then for contrast, Google for the same terms with "Lean" and "Six Sigma" and "ERP" instead of TOC.  Compare. It's enlightening.

You can find more information on my web site.

I Hear You Ask ... "How Does This Fit In With Lean?"

You'll have a clearer understanding of this at the end of the workshop, but let me just put something fascinating in front of you to give everything some context.

A US Corporation conducted an experiment over a 2 year span, involving 21 Plants.  (They published their results.) 

The Plants had already had exposure to Lean and Six Sigma. Management wanted to understand the value of adding Theory of Constraints  into the mix.

Over 2 years, 11 Plants applied Six Sigma. 4 Plants applied Lean. 6 Plants applied TOC as the primary framework, then deployed Lean and Six Sigma in alignment with the TOC's power of focus.

The stunning results (unless you know TOC) ... The 6 Plants generated 89% of ALL the benefits accrued by all 21 Plants.

The 11 Six Sigma Plants contributed 7%.

The 4 Lean Plants contributed 4%.

And it's worth noting ... the measurements used are NOT favorable to TOC, as the basis for the comparison. They strongly favor the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

So, the question that should be on every rational manager's mind should be ... "What does the TOC bring to the table that leads to such a massive difference in performance?"

And, "How can I bring this "factor X" into my company's improvement strategy?"

If you are looking for fast, direct and often massive performance improvements that ALWAYS produce a significant ROI ....  Click below for Workshop & Registration Details.

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